Public Education

Education for All Ages

The St. Anthony Fire Department believes in the concept of lifelong learning. As such, we provide fire safety and first aid classes to all citizens, from preschool age to senior citizens.

Ages 3 to 5

We have a number of preschool programs in St. Anthony for 3 to 5-year-old children. At this time, children are taught fire avoidance techniques such as "stop, drop, and roll" and "matches and lighters are tools, not toys." They are also introduced to smoke detectors, taught the rules for escaping from fire, and are introduced to firefighting equipment and turnout gear.

Elementary & High School

Elementary school children are taught fire prevention rather than fire avoidance. They learn when and how to use fire safely, how to recognize and correct unsafe situations, and the importance of having and maintaining smoke detectors. We conclude our elementary school program with a competitive fire prevention poster contest for fourth and fifth-graders.

Our fire safety efforts in the middle and high schools are concentrated in the home economic courses and cover fire prevention, fire extinguishing, and burn treatment.

Adult Residents

Adults receive our fire safety messages through the Joy of Parenting program and a parent/child education program sponsored by Wilshire Park Elementary School. We also provide classes to the residents of apartment complexes and senior citizen facilities.

Each year, about 900 to 1,000 residents receive our fire prevention message. In addition, our annual open house attracts about 300 people who are exposed to safety messages regarding a number of subjects.

First Aid & CPR Training

The St. Anthony Fire Department also provides first aid and CPR training. Each year we train about 200 people in these subjects. These people include day care providers, high school students, preschool staff and scouting groups.