Rights & Services for All Criminal Victims

Crime Victim's Rights

  1. The right to request restitution.
  2. The right to be notified of plea negotiations.
  3. The right to be present at sentencing and to object orally or in writing to a proposed agreement or sentence.
  4. The right to be notified of the final disposition of the case.
Call the victim service providers listed below for information about other crime victim rights. If you feel your rights as a victim have been violated, call the Crime Victims Office at 651-205-4827.

24-Hour Crisis Phone Lines

Crisis Line
Cornerstone General Crime Services Program (General Crime Victim's Service)
1-866-385-2699 or text 
First Call for Help (Emergency Resources - United Way 211) 612-335-5000
Sexual Violence Center 612-871-5111
Crisis Connection 612-379-6363
Rape and Sexual Assault Center 612-825-4357
24-Hour Crisis Family Violence Network 651-770-0777

Financial Assistance to Victims of Violent Crimes

Resource Phone Number
Crime Victims Reparation board (Not a 24-Hour Number)
1-888-622-8799 or 651-201-7300