Pet Ordinances

Section 91.05: Special Multiple Dog License

The City requires that anyone in the Village that has 3 dogs over the age of 6 months must obtain a multiple dog license for their premise.

Section 91.37: Running at Large

No owner or keeper of any domesticated animal may permit the animal to be at large and must at all times keep the animal under physical restraint. An animal is deemed "at large" whenever it is off the property of the owner or keeper and not under physical restraint. This includes dogs, cats, and any other domesticated pet. 
  • Maintain public areas for residents and guests to freely enjoy.
  • Prevent unintended damage or wear to public spaces.
  • Reserve/preserve public spaces for their intended uses.

Section 91.38: Droppings

It is the responsibility of the owner, keeper or the person in control of an animal to clean up any droppings of the animal and to dispose of the droppings in a sanitary manner. When you are out and about with your animal, please remember to bring along whatever you need to clean up after your pet. It is your responsibility, even if the animal isn't yours, and you're doing the owner a favor by walking it, to clean up after the animal and dispose of the droppings in a sanitary manner. 

SAV dog leash required
Dangerous Animal Declarations

Under Minnesota State Statute and St. Anthony City Ordinance, domestic animals that have bitten or demonstrated aggression must be investigated to determine if that animal is a threat to the public's safety and should be declared "dangerous." St. Anthony Police officers or others designated by the City Manager may declare a dog to be a dangerous dog or a potentially dangerous dog as defined by M.S. § 347.50. Learn more about defining a dangerous animal and registration requirements.