Solar Energy

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St. Anthony's Solar Initiatives

Solar Ordinance

Solar panels on house

In 2015, St. Anthony adopted a Solar Ordinance to provide guidelines for the planning and installation of photovoltaic solar systems. This solar ordinance minimizes confusion or potential problems to better facilitate and manage solar projects in the City. 

In fact, you may already have a neighbor with solar panels! The Sustainability Tour Map "Solar Energy Initiatives and Solar Installation Sites" section displays approximate locations of existing solar arrays in the city.

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Interested in installing a solar system of your own? To find out what is required, review St. Anthony's Solar PV Permit Checklist and Process, which outlines materials you must provide in the application. In addition, the building permit and electrical permit should both be completed. This solar checklist must be submitted as part of the application package.

Community Solar Gardens

Community solar garden

As a member of the "Community Solar Subscriber Collaborative" coordinated by the Metropolitan Council, St. Anthony approved agreements with two community solar garden developers in 2016; United States Solar and SolarStone. The subscriptions amount to approximately 25% of the annual electricity use from city government facilities, with a total subscription size of 647,940 kilowatt-hours (kWh). The city facilities included in these agreements are City Hall, Fire Department, Central Park, Trillium Park, and Silver Point Park and Shelter.

A community solar garden is a great option for residents who still want to benefit from solar energy, but are unable to do so on their own for various reasons, including financial burden, lack of direct sunlight, or lack of space (e.g. apartment renters, condo owners who cannot modify their building's rooftop, etc.). 

A developer organizes, builds, and manages the solar garden and generates interest from potential subscribers. In Xcel Energy's territory, individual entities can subscribe to community solar gardens for up to 120% of their annual electricity usage. When subscribers receive their utility bills, they receive a bill credit resulting from the electricity generated by their share of the solar garden. Don't forget to check with your electricity provider - they may have utility-specific options and programs for community solar! View additional resources regarding Community Solar Gardens.

SolSmart Designation Program

SolSmart Silver

On March 18, 2019, St. Anthony was designated as a SolSmart Bronze community, signifying a demonstrated commitment to solar development in our city. The city quickly pursued additional recommended actions and advanced to the SolSmart Silver level on June 14, 2019. SolSmart is a national designation and technical assistance program that recognizes cities, counties and towns that are addressing barriers to solar energy and working to strengthen their local solar markets. 

There are three achievable designation levels: SolSmart Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Municipalities receive no-cost technical assistance to advance their solar efforts and work towards the program's best practices. This support helps establish the framework for greater ease and affordability for residents or businesses to install and access solar energy.

The SolSmart Program, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, began in 2016 and more than 200 municipalities nationwide have already achieved designation. Visit the SolSmart website for more information.

Solar Resources

For more information on additional solar-related topics, check out the resource list below! (Links in PDF will redirect to external websites.)