Role and responsibilities

The City of St. Anthony has multiple ways for residents, business owners, partners and visitors to receive information and engage with the City. As a strategic goal for 2019, a communication coordinator position was created to help support and enhance City communications with stakeholders and its community. 

Through this website, push-notifications, the Village Notes Newsletter, YouTube and social media  platforms, the communications team continues to strive toward sharing relevant and important  information through a variety of platforms.

Website and push-notifications

The City's website has the most up-to-date information, such as upcoming events, current and future projects, department and City Council initiatives, and who to contact with questions. 

Signing up for push-notifications allows community members and business owners to stay informed and receive alerts from the Police Department like crime alerts, snow plowing information, project status, event info, and more. Learn more about how to sign up.

Village Notes Newsletter

The City of St. Anthony's official newsletter, Village Notes  is mailed quarterly to every residence and business in our City. Each issue includes a letter from our Mayor, city administration and local community organizations. There is an option to sign up to receive Village Notes  electronically via email.  In addition, current and past issues are available online.


The City of St. Anthony's official YouTube channel shares digital content created by CTV North Suburbs and the City's communication team. CTV produces the City's quarterly update videos, and provides coverage of local stories and events. The communication team has produced in-house digital content, such as the Fire Department's 2019 Open House promo video. Visit the City's YouTube channel.

Social media 

Twitter is currently the official social media platform for the City of St. Anthony to share information, such as upcoming events, City Council meeting dates, commissioner opportunities, department information (such as Police, Fire, City Planning, Public Works etc), and more. Follow the City and its departments social accounts to stay informed!

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Nicole Miller
Administrative Services Coordinator

Janet Kimmel
Communication Coordinator