Goal Six Accomplishments: Enhance Employee Wellness Program

  • Implemented an internal department chaplaincy program. 
    • Chaplain visits the department during various times to build relationships with officers and provide support and resources if requested.
  • Rewrote policy with input from all department members to incorporate a three-prong office wellness approach: Mind, Body, and Spirit
    • Mind: Contracted with Least Services to provide a yearly mental health checkup for every officer with a certified psychologist. Additionally, officers can meet with one of their psychologists at no cost to the officer to address any other work-related needs throughout the year. 
      • Least Services will also provide services to department personnel in the event of any critical incident.
    • Body: Officers provided resources to workout, promoting wellness through physical health. 
    • Spirit: The internal chaplain pays informal visits and attends roll calls to be available for our staff on an ongoing basis.  
  • Developed an Early Intervention System (EIS) and added to department policy. The purpose of the EIS is to identify conduct or behavior and provide for a remedy before potential problems arise. 
  • Provided resources and guides for officers and their families in the area of mental health and overall wellness.