Goal Nine: Forward-thinking Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention Practices

  • Use of wide scope of job advertising to attract a larger applicant pool and increase the number of applicant diversity.
  • Participation in various job fairs to encourage potential applicants to consider employment with the St. Anthony Police Department.
  • Use of recruitment videos, distributed via our social media outlets, on the advantages and opportunities of working at the St. Anthony Police Department.
  • Interview team incorporates a range of officers with varying degrees of experience and perspectives.
  • Internet-based interview option provides opportunities to attract applicants from greater distances.
  • Officers have latitude to pursue personal career goals, which are in line with the department strategic plan, in an effort to increase the depth and breadth of our personnel, for career enrichment opportunities, and officer retention.
  • Use of student mentorship program through Century College to promote the success of diverse persons in law enforcement careers and attract them to our community as police officers.