Inflow and Infiltration

Beginning March 1 2023, The City of St. Anthony has a "point-of-sale" requirement for the Inflow & Infiltration Reduction Program. This means that an I&I inspection must be completed prior to the sale of any property.Underground Sewer line diagram

Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) is the excess flow of clear water into the City's sanitary sewer system. 

  • Inflow is when clear water from illegal connections of sump pumps, downspouts, and foundation drains is channeled directly into sanitary sewer pipes.
  • Infiltration is when groundwater seeps into sewer pipes via cracks or leaky joints.

Because the sanitary sewer system was not designed to handle this excess clear water, it becomes overloaded during times of high groundwater or heavy rainfall. This can cause basement flooding or bypassing of raw wastewater to local streams and lakes.

The Point of Sale ordinance is intended to help reduce peak sanitary sewer flows caused by Inflow and Infiltration. The excess clear water from I/I problems uses sanitary sewer capacity needed for wastewater and the result is sewer backups and increased costs for needlessly putting clear water through the wastewater treatment process. 

St. Anthony Village was identified as a contributor of excess I/I and is working with the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services to resolve the problem.

  1. Inspections Program

Prior to advertising for sale and the sale of any property, two inspections must occur. 

  1. Inspection by Public Works employee to confirm the property doesn't have a sump pump discharging into the sanitary sewer system.
  2. Sewer service line inspected and televised by a plumber of property owners' choice. The inspection video must include footage from the property to the sewer main.

1). Sump Pump Inspection

To schedule your sump pump inspection, email our administrative staff or call 612-782-3301. If your sump pump is found to be in violation of the city code, the violation must be corrected within 14 days.

2). Sanitary Sewer Line Inspection Video

The property owner needs to hire a contractor to obtain a televised sewer line inspection video.  The sewer line must be free of water and you must televise the line from the home to the city main. Once you have the video, upload it here for review.

  • Accepted video formats include: MP4, WEBM, OGG, OGGV, MP3, WAV, OPUS, and OGA file types.
  • Links to YouTube videos are not accepted for record-keeping purposes.

Image of a button and cursor with text: Upload Video

Once Video is Submitted

Compliance - For properties that pass inspection, the City issues a Certificate of I/I Compliance which is valid until the time of resale.

Non-Compliance - Properties that don't pass inspection are issued a correction notice delineating the problem such as but not limited to a crack in the pipe, an offset joint, or tree roots protruding into the pipe. If infiltration exists, repairs must be made to the lateral. For violations discovered at the time of sale, it is the seller's responsibility to correct the violation and submit a post-repair video prior to the sale unless the buyer has assumed the responsibility and submitted in writing to the city the following:

  • The buyer's acceptance and assumption of responsibility for correcting the violations within 18 months from the date of sale.
  • The buyer's understanding that a post-repair video must be provided to the city to verify corrections have been completed.
  • The buyer's agreement to hold the city harmless from liabilities and claims if the buyer occupies the dwelling prior to corrections being made.
  • The buyer's understanding that failure to correct the violations or failure to submit post-repair video is a violation of City Code and the buyer is subject to penalties.

  1. Nicole Miller

    Assistant City Manager

  2. Jeremy Gumke

    Public Works Director