What is the process for redevelopment?

There are three steps to development: sketch plan, preliminary plat, and final plat. The developer is also asking for two other land use actions, a re-zoning and a comprehensive plan amendment to increase the maximum allowable housing density on the site from 40 units per acre to 48 units per acre.

The developer submitted a sketch plan in 2016 and completed a community meeting. Now, the developer has submitted a preliminary plat, preliminary Planned Unit Development (PUD) rezoning application, and a comprehensive plan amendment application for consideration by the city council. The Planning Commission must review this request at a public hearing (set for August 28) and formulate a recommendation to the City Council on action. The City Council must review the application and take final action prior to 120 days after application (November 16, 2017, unless the applicant voluntarily extends the deadline).

If approved, the final step will be final plat and final PUD development plan. At the final plat stage, a development agreement is entered into that specifies the developer responsibilities and any financial responsibilities related to the project, including any possible provisions of tax increment financing for the project.

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