Permits & Licenses

We all rely on the safety of structures that surround us in our everyday living- from our homes and offices to our stores, schools, factories, places of entertainment, etc. MN State Building codes provide important minimum safeguards and standards to public health, safety, and general welfare, so the City of St. Anthony has adopted the MN State Building Codes in addition to the City's Zoning codes.  Also, the codes help promote energy conservation, and the safety to life and property from fire and other hazards as well as to fire fighters and emergency responders during emergency operations. The building department is here to help ensure that the structures built within the community meet at least these minimum requirements and codes.

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Permit Application Process

The City of St. Anthony offers an online tool to complete your permit applications.

  • Allow ten business days for permit approval if a plan review is required
  • Once your permit is approved, construction shall begin within 180 days or a new permit will be required
  • As work is completed schedule your inspections. Please refer to inspections required, which can be found on page 2 of the submitted application

If you have any questions regarding permits or licenses, 
please contact the Licensing Clerk at 612-782-3317.

Do I need a permit? 

The following projects require a permit. 

Accessory Buildings – 200 sq. ft. or less
Accessory Buildings – Greater than 200 sq. ft.
Basement Finish
Dishwasher – Initial Installation
Drain Tile
Driveway Replacement
Driveway Expansion
Entry Door – New Opening
Entry Door – Replacement
Exhaust Fan
Fireplace – Gas
Fireplace – Wood
Fire Suppression Systems
Footing / Foundation
Garage Door Replacement
Garbage / Recycling Container – Screening  
    or Fencing

Gas Lines
Heating / Cooling – Initial Installation
Interior Finish or Remodel

Manufactured Home
Mechanical / Heating / Cooling
New Construction
Parks Special Beer Event
Plumbing – New Lines
Plumbing – Replace Existing Lines
Radon Mitigation Systems
Recreational Fires Retaining Walls – 4ft high 
    or less

Retaining Walls – Greater than 4ft high
Right-of-Way Use
Roof – New
Roof – Overlay
Sign – Permanent
Solar Energy Systems
Special Event
Pools & Spas
Underground Storage Tank Removal
Water: Heater / Irrigation / Softener 
Treatment – Initial Installation
Water:  Heater / Irrigation / Softener / 
Treatment – Replacement
Windows – Above Grade
Windows – Egress
Wireless Facility

Do I need a License?

The following activities require a license.  Select your activity to obtain the license application required, and to see additional information.