Night to Unite 2023

Would you like to improve the safety of your neighborhood, have fun with neighbors, and build community while taking part in a huge state-wide event?

You can do it all at this year’s Minnesota Night to Unite celebration on Tuesday, Aug. 1!

For residents of St. Anthony, this is an opportunity to put together a neighborhood celebration, turn on the front porch lights, gather with neighbors and friends, get to know one another, catch up on things, play some games with the kids, enjoy a few hot-off-the-grill favorites, have some ice cream, receive a visit from the police/fire department and build a sense of community. 

The St. Anthony Police Department invites St. Anthony to join neighborhoods throughout Minnesota for Night to Unite 2023! 

Date: Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2023
Time: 6-9 p.m. (approximately)
Registration: register via this online form no later than noon on July 24
Questions: Sgt. Mike Huddle at 612-782-3350 or


What is building community?
This is a simple but powerful method for people to improve their own and others’ living conditions. At its most basic, this is neighbors working together to create positive changes in their neighborhoods; whether they’re trying to reduce crime, look out for each other’s property, or get involved in the community.  People working together with shared understandings and expectations are what provide an atmosphere of strong community.  A strong community sends a message to criminals letting them know that our neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

Already involved in a neighborhood crime watch group? 
Night to Unite will help keep your group active. This is important.  Neighbors who know each other and agree to watch out for suspicious behavior are a great defense against crime. If you do not have a crime watch group, Night to Unite is a great way to get neighbors together and start building relationships. You can make your event as simple or as elaborate as you'd like.  The main goal of this evening is for residents to gather as neighbors to affirm their commitment to a safe, healthy community.

Get your children involved in this event.  Kids bring great energy and enthusiasm to Night to Unite events. Get all ages busy with your event planning this year. Involving children and teens can have a great long-term benefit for your block. 

Can my apartment complex sign up for Night to Unite?
Apartment complexes are neighborhoods within themselves and are encouraged to plan an event.  As you plan your Night to Unite event, try to draw in all the people you can.  Everyone benefits when neighbors know each other.  The connections that are made and strengthened through Night to Unite carry far beyond this evening.  

Will there be ice cream certificates?
In keeping with tradition, the St. Anthony Cub Foods Store (3930 Silver Lake Road) is again partnering with the police department in promoting Minnesota “Night to Unite” events.  The Cub Store is providing a 5-quart pail of Kemps vanilla ice cream to each resident who hosts a Night to Unite event.

How do I register my event?
Residents with questions, or who plan to host a block party on Aug. 1 are asked to complete an online request form.  After submitting the form, you wDone Editingill automatically receive a confirmation email. Please register by Monday, July 24.  

Please note/request the following information when completing the online registration form:

  • Request visits from the police department, fire department and city staff.
  • The  public works department will deliver street barricades to the host address for those that indicate the request on the registration form.  
  • The police department will deliver ice cream certificates prior to Night to Unite (to be able to accommodate requests for ice cream certificates in a timely manner, only those who sign up prior to the deadline will receive certificates).
  • We will provide block lists to the St. Anthony Fire Department, the mayor, city council and city staff.