Pond With Fountains

The Saint Anthony stormwater reuse facility captures and stores half a million gallons of stormwater that is used for irrigating City Hall and Central Park green spaces.

The Issue

With each rainfall large and small, thousands of gallons of runoff runs across surfaces of rooftops, pavement, streets, and even lawns. As it runs, the runoff picks up everything in its path: trash, leaves, oil, or sediment. This mixture of "gunk" then flows untreated directly into the nearest storm drain and eventually a lake or river. Because of this, the EPA defines stormwater as a major pollutant to our surface waters.

Local Application

Silver Lake is on the MN list of impaired waters, while the Mississippi receives stormwater runoff from dozens of cities in and out of the Metro. Saint Anthony has a responsibility to pursue the clean water standards outlined by both of its watershed districts.

Watershed Districts

North / Northeast

Click here to visit the Rice Creek website.

South / Southwest

Click here to visit the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization website.

Solutions at Home

  • Downspouts: Aim downspouts onto the grass, away from foundations and paved surfaces. For roofs without gutters, plant grass, spread mulch, or use rocks under the drip line to prevent soil erosion and increase the ground's capacity to absorb water.
  • Large Scale Projects: Cost-share or Stewardship Funding is available from the watershed districts for rain gardens, shoreline restoration, permeable pavers or more. Research which watershed your under and pursue accordingly.
  • Maintain your segment of street: Sweeping and collecting leaves away from the bottom of your driveway and your curb helps our water quality and Saint Anthony Public works' street sweeping. Although Saint Anthony's street sweeping has been recognized by the MWMO as a Metro leader, every bit helps. If you live near a storm drain, cleaning the leaves from the drain and bagging them gets the hard-to-reach places that even street sweepers miss, and spares these leaves from Silver Lake or the Mississippi. "Everyone has waterfront property."
  • Mowing: Please do not mow grass clippings into the street. Instead, direct the mower's output inward, away from the curb.
  • Rain Barrels: Quickly store up to 55 gallons per rain barrel, or connect multiple rain barrels to your gutters. Visit the Rain Barrels Page for more information.
  • Rain Gardens: Under the Rice Creek Watershed, cost-share funding is available (below). Under the MWMO, apply for funding for educational, community-inspired rain gardens. If you build your own rain garden, it will require clay excavation, a drain tile and overflow measures due to Saint Anthony's heavy clay soil. Please research and prepare accordingly.