Climate Plan


The City of St. Anthony Village is building on our history of sustainability leadership by developing a Climate Plan that was approved in 2023.  The plan focuses on the next 1-5 years of implementation work in categories important to SAV, including water, waste, energy, and transportation. The plan encompasses City operations and our City’s entire footprint, including residents and businesses, so we will need everyone’s help to accomplish the goals that we set through collaboration. The plan and implementation steps have been built from the history of leadership in SAV, through input from leaders, residents, business owners, and utilizing best practices in the industry such as what has worked in other similar communities. The Plan provides implementable next steps and flexibility for adapting as changes occur.

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How to Get Involved

  • Because more than 90% of a community’s climate footprint occurs from businesses and residences outside of the direct control of City operations, we need everyone’s help! Consider steps to take such as energy and water conservation, waste reduction and reducing vehicle miles travelled, among other actions.
  • Share your thoughts with Parks and Environmental Commissioners

What does the plan include?

The Climate Plan is easy to read and implement. It includes the following sections: 

  • Vision and Mission.
  • Historical Progress
  • Existing Condition Analysis.
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory.
  • Overview of Climate Plan Survey
  • A menu of strategies and tactics to achieve goals.