Kenzie Terrace & Stinson Parkway Development (Formerly Redevelopment of Lowry Grove)

Planning Commission Public Hearing February 26, 2018

Video of February 26, 2018 Planning Commission meeting
Continental Properties Presentation
City Planner Presentation 

At the Planning Commission public hearing on February 26th, the Planning Commission recommended the following motions regarding the Southern Gateway Development Project:

  • Recommendation for Approval of the preliminary PUD development plan and preliminary plat, contingent upon the items listed in the staff report and its attachments, and that further study be completed on 27th Avenue.
  • Recommendation that the City Council strongly consider tying financial tax incentives for this development to affordable housing, and including housing for families and across all buildings within the development. 

All requests will be forwarded to the City Council meeting on March 27, 2018, starting at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall. The City Council packet including the staff report, will be available online March 22, 2018.

Please contact Breanne Rothstein, city planner, with any questions or concerns at

Preliminary Development Plan Submitted

The City of St. Anthony received an application from The Village, LLC for the redevelopment of the site located at 2501 Lowry Avenue (formerly the Lowry Grove manufactured home community). Staff has reviewed the application for completeness and has deemed the application complete. Plans are available to the right under Planning Commission Packet Items 2/26/18.

Staff will conduct a complete analysis of the proposal, prepare a staff report outlining their recommendations, and make that report available on February 20, 2018. 

The public hearing for the project will be on February 26, 2018, starting at 7 p.m. at the Planning Commission meeting at St. Anthony City Hall. This will include a formal presentation of the staff report and an opportunity for attendees to speak about the project.

Please contact Breanne Rothstein, city planner, with any questions or concerns at

Prior Project Updates

Concept/Sketch Plan Update Fall 2016
Preliminary Development Plan Submitted
Preliminary Development Plan Update August 8, 2017
Planning Commission Public Hearing August 28, 2017
Request for Continuance September 19, 2017
City Council Meeting October 10, 2017

Planning Principles

Please check back often for updates.As the process for reviewing the redevelopment of Lowry Grove nears, the city looks to its most important planning documents for guidance, including the Strategic Plan and the Comprehensive Plan. The principles and shared values to be used when reviewing development projects are below. These planning principles will be the focus of review and consideration of the Lowry Grove redevelopment. 

1) The provision of affordable housing. The city has a history of including, requiring, and financially supporting the development of affordable housing in the community, and this commitment will continue; 

2) Compatibility with surrounding land uses. It is important that new development match existing surrounding land uses in scale, height, and use; 
3) Provision of adequate public infrastructure. All new development must provide appropriate infrastructure to manage water, sewer, runoff, streets, and access, and all other infrastructure needed to adequately serve itself and protect the surrounding community; 
4) Protection of the environment. All development must meet all Federal, State, watershed district, and local requirements for environmental protection. The city will ensure all pollution and contamination is properly remediated; 
5) A fair and open public process. When a formal application is received for development, the city will provide outlets for community discourse and discussion on the proposal. 


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