2017 37th Avenue Sidewalk & Signal Project

Project Need

Portions of the City of St. Anthony Village were developed in an era when pedestrian and bicycle facilities were not as a high of a priority as facilities for automobiles. As a result, there are some locations within the city that lack sidewalks and recreational trails. In locations where there are sidewalks and they connect to a traffic signal, often there are modern standards that are not incorporated due to the age of the traffic signal and new requirements for pedestrian facilities to meet Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requirements. New traffic signals include things such as pedestrian countdown timers and dips in the curb that enable people to get to the signal pole to push the walk button. The lack of sidewalks and older traffic signal designs contribute to safety concerns for pedestrians and bicyclists trying to get to schools, religious institutions, community facilities, commercial nodes and transit stops within the community.

Weekly Updates

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Project Description

The Sidewalk & Signal Project has been proposed for the following locations:


    South side of 37th Avenue between Stinson Boulevard and Highcrest Street
The sidewalk is proposed to be six feet wide.

Traffic Signals

    37th Avenue and Stinson Boulevard
    37th Avenue and Silver Lake Road
    37th Avenue and Highcrest Road

    In addition, traffic signals at the following locations will be improved with this project:
    Stinson Boulevard and 39th Avenue
    Silver Lake Road and 39th Avenue
    Silver Lake Road and Silver Lane

Project Goals

The intent of the project is to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety within the community. The project implements recommendations from other studies and plans (Safe Routes to School Study; Comprehensive Plan; items in the city’s Capital Improvement Program). As a result of the project, students will have a better means for getting to Wilshire Elementary School; adults and children alike will have better access to transit facilities; and new/better connections for all residents will be made to commercial nodes.

Funding Sources

The City of St. Anthony received a grant for approximately $700,000. Local dollars will be needed to purchase any right of way. The City is coordinating with Hennepin and Ramsey Counties for funding on the project. Project cost estimates will be developed as the project progresses.