Salo Pond/Silver Lake Stormwater Treatment System

This facility incorporates an underground alum treatment system into the two existing stormwater ponds of Salo Park. The system, which began operation in fall of 2015, is designed to receive stormwater runoff from 52 acres of the Apache Major sub-watershed, also known as Silver Lake Village. The process works by drawing water from the north pond, injecting it with a chemical that binds to phosphorus and other pollutants in the water, which causes the nutrients and other pollutants to settle out in large underground tanks. The treated water is sent back into the south pond while the phosphorus is collected in underground tanks, and later discharged into the sanitary sewer. 

The estimated results are:

  • 26 pounds of annual reduction of phosphorus runoff into Silver Lake every year

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Salo Pond-Silver Lake Stormwater Treatment System

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