2019 Reclamite Project

The 2019 Reclamite Project is about to begin! Reclamite operations are beginning the week of July 15, 2019, weather permitting. Please DO NOT park your vehicle(s) on your street beginning Monday, July 15th to allow the Contractor to complete the reclamite improvements. Temporary “No Parking” signs will be posted prior to the work and will be removed once parking is allowed.

Below shows the 2019 Reclamite project locations.

Why Reclamite?

As part of the City’s ongoing pavement maintenance, reclamite application has been recommended for 2019. Similar to chip seal improvements, reclamite extends the life of the pavement without the applicatioon of loose rock on the surface, making reclamite a more cost effective option for preserving City roadways. When reclamite is sprayed on the road, it penetrates deep into the surface to reinforce the binder that bonds the asphalt and aggregate together. Applying reclamite to a road improves the asphalt’s durability, flexibility and viscosity so it can withstand the effects of the weather, the sun’s ultraviolet rays, freeze-thaw conditions. and the weight of traffic.

2019 Reclamite Newsletter mailed to Residents

2019 Reclamite Project Areas