Ramsey County (SWAT) Team

Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT)

The St. Anthony Police Department is a member of the Ramsey County (SWAT) Team, a regional response team composed of highly trained deputies and officers from the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office and area police departments within Ramsey County.  When called upon, the SWAT team provides tactical assistance during critical incidents.  The team’s mission is to bring a peaceful resolution to high risk situations while maintaining the highest regard for human life and property.  Circumstances where SWAT may be deployed include:  hostage situations, barricaded suspect situations, active shooter/sniper events, dignitary protection details, high risk warrant service, civil disturbances and tactical training.

The Ramsey County Sheriff's Special Weapons and Tactics Team will act to coordinate efforts to develop and provide joint responses to critical incidents or high risk entries where there is a risk of criminal violence occurring within the St. Anthony Police Departments authorized jurisdiction.

The East Metro Special Weapons and Tactics Team was originally created to provide this coordinated response to critical incidents. Due to continued struggles to dedicate sufficient numbers of personnel to this team, by current member agencies, the East Metro SWAT Board of Directors elected to contact the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office about the potential to join their SWAT team. This will greatly aid in our ability to coordinate efforts to develop and provide joint responses to critical incidents or high risk entries where there is a risk of criminal violence in the jurisdictions we serve as well as those jurisdictions that are supported by RC-SWAT.

This regional partnership will provide essential access to greater resources and capabilities, at a reduced cost, in the event we are faced with a critical incident or a crises response occurring in our jurisdiction.

Monthly Training

All members of the team complete monthly training above and beyond their normal work duties. This training includes: crisis negotiations, hostage rescue situations, barricaded subjects, dynamic warrant services, high risk traffic stops, weapons of mass destruction, active shooter response, and other subjects.

Ramsey County Crisis & Hostage Negotiation Team

The Ramsey Crisis and Hostage Negotiation team consists of one officer from the St. Anthony Police Department, as well as members from the other all participating Ramsey County agencies. The Crisis Negotiation team responds to critical incidents involving barricaded suspects, suicidal persons and hostage situations. The purpose of the team is to handle negotiation efforts and provide intelligence to the Incident Commander. The goal of the team is to bring incidents to a non-violent conclusion through dialogue and effective negotiation.

Additional Training

In addition to a 40 hour initial training class, the Ramsey County Crisis and Hostage Negotiators all receive on-going and specialized training in areas including crisis intervention, dealing with veterans in crisis, de-escalation tactics, and mental illness. They train regularly with the SWAT team to ensure the highest level of service to the citizens of St. Anthony. The team is available to respond 24/7.